The ICE policy that would expel international students taking online classes is being rolled back; RLG Immigration Chair Darius Amiri Comments

Taylor Borden | Business Insider

The Trump administration issued a directive on July 6 saying that international students attending schools operating entirely online may not remain in the US. Schools, according to the policy, were supposed to report their reopening plans by Wednesday.

But on Tuesday, the White House rescinded the directive in a hearing for a lawsuit that Harvard and MIT brought against Immigration and Customs Enforcement on July 8.

The cancellation of the policy came after a week of nonstop backlash. Harvard and MIT’s suit was supported by more than 200 additional universities. On Monday, 17 states and the District of Columbia filed a separate lawsuit to block the same policy.

“It’s the right move to pull back this new rule, which would have required in-person attendance during a global pandemic or risk the cancellation of student visas. 

This was yet another misguided and ill-conceived attempt by the Trump administration to frustrate our immigration system.

International students contribute billions annually to the US economy and international student attendance is decreasing every year under this Administration. Thankfully, reason prevailed here.”

~Darius Amiri, Chair of the Immigration Department at Rose Law Group


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